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Madhavi Adalja

Saying it all without saying a word!

With a degree in Commercial Art and a passion for all things bright and beautiful, she creates gorgeous objects that pay tribute to the natural world reminding us to slow down and helping us reconnect with ourselves.

Her Acrylic Paintings on Canvas look way beyond the obvious while looking past the obvious, with a keen observation and engagement of the subject. Her ability lies in seeing beyond the distraction of the noticeable to capture the unique self. Her distinctive style captures portraits of pets and people.

She loves to make the magic happen and her Acrylic Pouring Art creations are just that – Pure Magic! It is an incredible mix of colors where the textures and shapes are developed from the pouring of paint. The art itself is stunningly beautiful, and all the complexity and variation in the painting is created through only paint.

Madhavi creates beautiful one-of-a-kind resin art masterpieces like wall art, tables, coasters, backsplashes, trays, and lots more, that can add to the beauty of any surrounding. The hottest trend in interiors currently, resin is a trending material, popular for its glossiness and unique mix of colors, and its ability to be applied to various surfaces such as: wood, canvas, metal and more. The use of resin, glitter, decorative stones and even real crystals and minerals to natural geodes create enchanting resin geodes. Her creations hold a meaning that encourages harmony and creativity from a philosophical viewpoint.

She brings the elegance of rivers into your living room with her unique river tables, that are made by cutting a slab of wood down the middle and then placing the outer characterful edges of the tree in the middle. This ‘valley’ is then filled with epoxy resin that can be clear, blue, or any colour you wish. The finished river table looks as though a river is flowing through a valley.

Madhavi is an animal lover and she epitomizes her love for these furry creatures by designing stylish, pet-friendly furniture for the favourite member of your family – your pet!

She dabbles in designing eclectic interiors for friends and family with her beautiful balancing act of style and design aesthetics, meeting expectations (or usually exceeding them!) with authentic and vibrant results.

She specializes in exclusive embroidery designs for furnishings adding that bespoke flair to your décor.

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